Chapter ELEVEN

More About Money Path Shortcuts: The Website, the FAN CLUB, and CRM

Creating a fan club-driven website using customer relationship management (CRM) methodology allows you to implement shortcuts in the record/downloading, ticket, merchandising money paths. It is good business and puts money directly in your pocket! Such a website will do several things to bolster your career. First, it will provide your fans with easily accessible, current information about you, your gigs, and your merchandise. Secondly, it will provide you with information about your fans from the CRM information you gather when they sign up to be a member of the fan club. Finally, it gives you a platform to do gorilla marketing.

It’s important you understand that building and maintaining a website requires much more effort than you probably expect. It takes much more time than you would ever think, just like making a new studio recording does. If you have an idea of the song before you start recording, the faster it can be done, with the least re-takes. Website development is the same; if you have an idea before you start (or a template to just fill in the blanks), it takes much less time to do. However, unlike a song which is finished when you are done recording, the day you finish your website building, the maintenance of the site begins. Maintenance is a full time job, and then some. Keeping the website content “fresh” and updated requires someone to focus on this job. It’s essential to update schedules and add new photos and stories. The most important thing is to send out FREQUENT newsletters because the more often they are sent out, the more often you “connect” with your fans and keep them in your loop. Keeping their minds on your career movement, instead of on another band’s, will keep you fresh in their minds. This is why I list a fan club manager and a webmaster as primary players on your team. They connect you to your fans and are worth every penny you pay them.

Website Tricks and Tips more

 Fans are quick to forget you if they think you have forgotten them. One of the biggest mistakes happens when you don’t reply or respond to a fan’s email and/or requests; to not answer a fan’s inquiries in a timely manner is a potential loss of a fan. The time and man- power to handle this hugely important task must be allotted or budgeted for. Make replying to fan email a priority, and the payback will last for years to come. The lifetime value of a fan is enormous; don’t waste it with silly mistakes.

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The FAN CLUB and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


 What is CRM? CRM is a TLA (Three Letter Acronym) for customer relationship management. It is a methodology of business - CRM does nothing, humans do it all through relationships. CRM technology is the tracking of the customer/fan “contacts” between you and your fans. CRM uses this information to sell the right products to the correct fans at the perfect time. Fan contacts might be through a newsletter, an email with an offers for certain products like music, tickets and merchandise or orders for these products. CRM deals with a customer as the center of the universe, instead of focusing on a product as the center of the universe, which is what traditional companies do.


 Get Personal! This sounds funny, but it is exactly what CRM lets you do. You can use your fan’s name in mailings. Instead of saying, “Dear Fans,” saying, “Dear David” will capture their attention faster. The more you tell them you know about them, the more they will feel connected. A personally addressed birthday card from the band via email is one of the best ways to connect and has been a favorite benefit of fan club membership for years. Add a special “today only” discount and your birthday greeting becomes mutually beneficial and creates lots of orders.


Favorite radio stations

Gig suggestions (places YOU could play)

Platform for Gorilla Marketing

Gorilla marketing is using your loyal fans to help you promote your band at a very low cost.



Here are some gorilla marketing programs that produce results:

Online purchase referrals (sell 10, get 1 free)

Live event promotional referrals (hang posters and get a ticket)

Web Site content, photos, and stories. 

Chat room monitors

Places to sell your music downloads:


The Bottom Line, literally and figuratively




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